The EV Market: Staying Ahead of the Curve

As the Electrical Vehicle market has grown in the UK, A Bright Solution has gained more experience in providing EV charging solutions for our clients (both commercial and non-commercial). With the 2030 government ban on new ICE deadline for new
vehicles quickly approaching, charging points are becoming a necessity for more and more businesses, and having available charging points is essential not only for convenience and customer requirements, but also to meet the increasing ESG demands on corporate businesses.

Our EV service has grown to include (but not limited to):

  • Completing site surveys UK wide. We access the current electrical infrastructure, we liaise with the energy supplier to gain max peak loads, and this forms part of our initial survey report.
  • Contacting the DNO and submitting applications.
  • Designing the installation ensuring we strictly adhere to the regulations.
  • Commissioning the installation and provide monthly reports.

The scale of the shift to EVs – requiring the development of an entirely new network – should not be underestimated. While it is difficult to know precisely how much charging will be needed, forecasts suggest that at least 280 to 480,000 public chargepoints will be needed by 2030 – more than 10 times the current number (around 25,000).

Government CMA report, July ‘21


As you can see from the Deloitte forecasts, the growth in EV chargers required to fulfil the demand by 2030 is almost exponential. This highlights the need for trusted and reliable EV charger installation across the UK – and this is where A Bright Solution’s experience, reliability and expertise can prove invaluable.

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