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A Bright Solution provides its clients with a high quality, reliable and costeffective electrical installation, and design service. Since its inception in 2012, A Bright Solution has steadily grown and developed excellent, sustainable, long-term, and mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients.

At A Bright Solution we always look to new and innovative solutions that work for business and the environment. By decentralising energy generation and deploying energy conservation technologies, we provide budget certainty, guaranteed savings against current market prices and significant reductions in CO2. All of which is achievable without expensive capital investment from our clients.

We design, fund, and install Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) in select buildings with no upfront cost required. These measures immediately reduce energy consumption, as well as improve user comfort and productivity.

This page gives a high-level overview of the different solutions we can provide for your business. For more information on how A Bright Solution can support your energy and sustainability goals, please contact us on 0121 6631661 or email

Our Energy Saving Solutions

We provide a range of energy saving initiatives for our clients. We understand different businesses have different energy needs so offer a mix of different solutions for you to choose from. Through our consultancy approach, we will work with your business to identify the most energy and cost-efficient solution.

  • Cogeneration (CHP – megawatt and kilowatt solutions)
    Combined heat and power, or CHP, is a clean and efficient option for generating on-site electric power and thermal energy from one fuel source. CHP is used as an alternative to purchasing distribution grid electricity and burning fuel for thermal energy, by providing both energy services in one step.
  • Trigeneration (CCHP – megawatt and kilowatt solutions)
    Combined Cooling, Heat and Power, or CCHP, provides the simultaneous production of electricity, heating and cooling from a single source. It’s an addition to CHP, with an absorption chiller producing energy-efficient cooling from the heat output of the CHP.
  • Solar PV and Thermal
    Solar rays can provide a direct energy source through two different technologies – Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) and Solar Thermal. Both provide a cost-efficient way of complementing your main energy source.
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
    Battery storage enable the energy generated through renewable sources (e.g. solar and wind) to be stored and when released when required.
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Efficiency (HVAC)
    Ensuring energy efficient HVAC within building design can have a significant impact on your business carbon footprint, energy efficiency and cost reduction. This is done through energy efficient furnaces, heat pumps, or air conditioners. Combining proper equipment maintenance with adequate thermal insulation, weatherisation, and thermostat settings can all work to reduce the cost of heating and cooling on energy bills.
  • LED Lighting
    Replacing traditional incandescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting is a sure way to improve your energy output. LED lighting can represent an energy saving of up to 85% and provides the same brightness and quality of light within your premises.
  • Ground Source Heating/Cooling
    Ground source heat pumps use the ground for heat in the winter – when it’s warmer than the surrounding air – and to cool in the summer when the air is warmer. This solution can be more efficient than air source heat pumps, especially if required in the coldest weather.
  • Air Source Heating/Cooling
    Air source heating and cooling works by transferring heat absorbed from the outside air to your indoor premises. Using air source heating is much more energy and cost efficient than electric storage heaters, oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and gas.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
    Providing EV charging at your business provides employees with a green and sustainable option to charge their vehicles at the workplace. It also provides you with an additional revenue opportunity and demonstrates commitment to your business Green Plan.

Case Studies

Cogeneration (CHP)

Cadbury House Hotel & Spa, Marco Pierre White. An awe-inspiring 4 Star boutique hotel and Spa in Bristol.

Through working with A Bright Solution, Cadbury House Hotel and Spa is reducing its carbon emissions, energy costs and dependency on the National Grid which will provide more stability against energy markets that are influenced by global, political and socio-economic factors.

The hotel is utilising two G-GEN™ 100 engines to generate their electricity on-site and capitalise from the heat that is released from this generation process. Combined, the engines will generate over 1 million kWh’s of electricity and 1.9million kWts of heat. Additionally, the hotel will benefit from a reduction in its carbon emission by a staggering 524 tonnes per year.

The G-GEN™ 100’s are delivered to site containerised, so once the site has been prepared for the engines, they can simply be positioned, connected and fired-up. By utilising the innovative G-FUND™ finance mechanism, the hotel can benefit immediately from the great savings in energy costs, safe in the knowledge they have done their bit to fulfil their green responsibility and support the fight against climate change.

EV Charging Case Study

Jacobean Hotel, Coventry. A beautifully refurbished farmhouse with EV charging capability.

Originally a 16th century farmhouse, The Jacobean Hotel has been lovingly restored and refurbished to combine original character with modern facilities, the latest of which is our G-EVC™ electric vehicle charging point.

Our intelligent commercial charging solution is connected to a hub which provides users with smart charging functionality and the owners of the hotel an online portal which offers a holistic view of the charging infrastructure.

Featuring future proof smart hardware suitable for the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow and built-in active load management to safely distribute power across a number of chargers, providing The Jacobean hotel with the flexibility to scale up and add up to 30 additional chargers as demand increases.

The Jacobeans G-EVC charger can charge up to 22kW, which is 8 times faster than a standard socket. Suitable for all vehicles, this charging station is easy to use and will provide ‘Pay as you charge’ power for visitors wishing to dine at the hotel’s restaurant or for anyone stay at the hotel.

Furthermore, with the location of the hotel being situated just 10 mins from Coventry City Centre and 15 minutes away from The Ricoh Arena, The National Exhibition Centre and Birmingham International Airport, this EV charging station it is expected to attract users to the hotel and will provide an additional revenue stream.

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