Case Study: Manufacturing Facility – Kent 1 MWe Co-Gen solution

A Bright Solution worked with a well-known manufacturing facility in Kent to reduce their carbon emissions, energy costs, and dependency on the National Grid while also increasing their stability against energy markets. Our team proposed the installation of a G-GEN™ combined power and heat engine to achieve these goals.

The challenge:

The manufacturing facility faced the challenge of reducing their carbon emissions and energy costs, while also increasing their stability against energy markets that are influenced by global, political and socio-economic factors. To achieve this, the facility needed to generate electricity on-site and capitalise on the heat released during the generation process.

Our solution:

A Bright Solution proposed and installed a G-GEN™ 1000 kWe (1 MWe) combined power and heat engine. Our team built the engine in our factory, test-ran it and then disassembled, delivered and re-built it on-site. The engine was quickly connected and fired-up, allowing the facility to benefit from the heat and electricity generated by the engine.

The result:

In a twelve-month period, the G-GEN™ 1000 generated 7,900,00 kWh’s of electricity and 9,377,300 kWt’s of heat/chilling. Additionally, the facility’s carbon emissions were reduced by a staggering 960 tonnes per year. By utilising the innovative G-FUND™ finance mechanism, the manufacturers were able to benefit immediately from the great savings in energy costs, all while doing their part to fulfill their green responsibility and support the fight against climate change. A Bright Solution’s G-GEN™ engine proved to be a successful solution for the manufacturing facility’s energy needs.