Case Study: Indigo Fitness

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A Bright Solution were approached by Indigo Fitness to carry out all electrical work from inception to completion to support their supply of gyms to Sandhurst, Pirbright, Catterick, Winchester, Harrogate and Aldershot MoD bases. After initially liaising with Indigo Fitness, listening to their needs and plans, we set about designing an electrical system that afforded them everything they required – and more.

The facilities are unique in that it will be created using a 40ft shipping containers as it’s boundary walls on three sides and have a bespoke gable roof. This provides a large, secure and weather resistant training area in the centre of the facility. The majority of shipping containers will also be usable providing smaller, more focused training spaces.

A Bright Solution was asked to look into all heating and lighting options to ensure they provided optimum output whilst being mindful of their use in a sports facility; energy efficiency was also of paramount importance.

The challenge:

A Bright Solution looked at the space available in the Strength and Conditioning Facility and set about determining the best solution for lighting in regards to it’s use and size. This included the type of technology to use, the size and type of light fitting and the number of fittings overall. We also had to ascertain the best switching method to ensure a balance of energy efficiency and usability.

Sports England recommend a 300 lux level for sports halls so, based on this information we looked at designing the space with many different types of lighting to ensure all options were trialed.

The way the lighting is controlled is a very important factor when designing lighting installations. Although a cost-effective solution light fitting-wise may have been chosen, if they are on when unneeded there is a cost and carbon footprint implication. Based on our information in regards to the proposed use of the facility we needed to come up with controls that would ensure the best energy savings whilst giving the optimum lighting output when required.

Our solution:

With the recent leap in technology regarding LED lighting, it far outweighed older technology such as metal halide, fluorescent or discharge lighting. Not only was this due to colour rendering and lumens per watt output but also the available five-year warranty and maintenance cost savings.

We highlighted a number of light fittings that we considered robust enough and offered the low UGR rating we were looking for (less that 22 to ensure EN 12464-1 conformity). A few of the light fittings identified even came with optional ball guards which we considered to be very useful in this application.

Having the lights operate only when the facility was occupied seemed the perfect solution; but we looked into whether there were even better ways to increase cost saving and reduce carbon footprints further. Due to the roof design on the facility having skylight panels which allow natural daylight through, daylight harvesting would be the perfect solution to work in tandem with the above. Daylight harvesting systems use daylight to offset the amount of electric lighting needed to properly light a space, in order to reduce energy consumption. This is accomplished using lighting control systems that are able to dim or switch electric lighting in response to changing daylight availability.

The result:

A Bright Solution provided heating, lighting and power solutions to all locations on time and within budget. We have also agreed a 10-year reactive and planned maintenance contract ensure the client is provided with a full end-to-end proposition.

“From inception and initial project design through to finish and implementation, A Bright Solution provided efficient, timely application and first-class consultancy. Across all locations the standard was exceptional, and we look forward to working with Mick and the team on future projects”