Case Study: Cadbury House Hotel, Bristol

A Bright Solution implemented The Energy Revolution™ at a 4-star boutique hotel and spa in Bristol, which also includes the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse. By utilizing two G-GEN™ 100 engines to generate electricity on-site and capture the heat released during this process, the hotel is able to reduce its carbon emissions, energy costs and dependency on the National Grid. The engines will generate over 1 million kWh’s of electricity and 1.9 million kWt’s of heat, resulting in a reduction of 524 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Additionally, the hotel has employed the G-FUND™ finance mechanism, which allows them to immediately benefit from significant savings on energy costs while also supporting their green responsibility and efforts to combat climate change.

The challenge:

The Cadbury House Hotel in Bristol, which also houses Marco Pierre White, was facing issues of high carbon emissions, energy costs and dependency on the National Grid due to the global, political and socio-economic factors affecting the energy markets. They were looking for a solution that would help reduce these issues and support their commitment to fulfilling their green responsibility and fight against climate change.

Our solution:

The hotel is now utilising two G-GEN™ 100 engines to generate their electricity on-site and capitalise from the heat that is released from this generation process. Combined, the engines will generate over 1million kWh’s of electricity & 1.9million kWt’s of heat. Additionally, the hotel will benefit from a reduction in its carbon emission by a staggering 524 tonnes per year.

The G-GEN™ 100’s are delivered to site containerised, so once the site has been prepared for the engines, they can simply be positioned, connected and fired-up.

The result:

By utilising the innovative G-FUND™ finance mechanism, the hotel can benefit immediately from the great savings in energy costs, safe in the knowledge they have done their bit to fulfill their green responsibilty and support the fight against climate change.